Monday, April 18, 2011


Day 15 - Sunday:

Weighed 181.6 this morning. Crazy. 1/2 pound less than last week but came down 4 pounds since Friday?! Had to have been the restaurant food messing with me.
My binge day was basically a Paleo day plus a helping of refried beans at Oscar's...LOTS of fruit today. Breakfast was 3 eggs with salsa, a coconut milk, hemp protein, carrot, celery, spinach veggie smoothie (still experimenting with those veggie smoothies - the one I made Friday just about made me want to vomit). Glass of grapefruit juice. Lunch was chicken fajitas (no tortillas or chips) brough sliced squash and cucumber for my "chips", and the aforementioned beans.

Dessert was a frozen banana, frozen mangos, dried figs, cashews. Had some raisins and cashews later in the afternoon. Dinner was a 1/2 chicken from Sharon's with no skin, some cole slaw, green beans, then some frozen fruit, dried figs and cashews for dessert. Didn't feel quite as bloated last night. Think not eating bread or grains helped.

Day 16 - Monday:

Didn't weigh this morning (not going to weight until Wednesday) but felt good enough to go get a work out in ... unlike last Monday when I felt absolutely horrible.
Breakfast: salmon, mung beans with chia, smoothie (1/3 c coconut milk, 2 tbsp hemp protein powder, ground flax seed, ice, water - not bad).

Lunch: spinach/kale salad with tomatoes and carrots, salmon, mung with chia.
Dinner: two eggs with cilantro on top of sauteed cabbage, broccoli (cooked in olive oil), chick peas with chia - been putting a spoonful of chunky salsa on beans/peas...pretty good.
Snack: celery and some cashew butter (had a little more than I had planned to).
Only 1 cold shower today. PAGG as prescribed. Shaved my head tonight.

Day 17 - Tuesday:

Work out this morning.
Breakfast: salmon, chickpeas with chia, sauteed cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes. Forgot to take AGG before breakfast, but didn't miss any other PAGG today.

Lunch: salad at Cypress street with veggies and blackened chicken, side of black beans, no dressing.Snack: veggie smoothie - carrot, cocounut milk, hemp protein

Dinner: Guacamole made with 2 avocados, tomatoes, chopped cilantro, lime juice, lemon juice (fresh). Ate with celery.
Snack: celery with cashew butter.

Ran tonight..."sport tosh" from CFE website. 2 cold showers today. Gallon of water.

Day 18 - Wednesday:

Weighed 183.8 this morning. I was 185+ on Friday of last week and ended up at 181.6, so I'm hoping this means I'll be below 181.6 on Sunday morning. I've always gained lots of water weight on a "binge day" (even a binge day of mainly fruit - any big increase in calories) and slowly lost it throughout the week.

Swam 1400 yards this morning.

Breakfast: salmon, chick peas with chia, spinach/kale salad with broccoli, carrots, salsa.

Lunch: Humphrey Pete's in Brownwood. Salmon, pinto beans, salad.
Dinner: Jason's - 2 trips to the salad bar.

Snack: celery, cashew butter.
PAGG as prescribed. 1 gallon water. 2 cold showers.

Day 19 - Thursday:

Still in the 183s...hmmm...
Breakfast: salmon, chick peas with chia and pumpkin seeds
Lunch: spinach/kale salad with cabbage, tomato, broccoli. Salmon, chick peas with chia.

Snack: smoothie - coconut milk, flaxseed, chlorella, carrot, ice, water, cinnamon. Actually pretty good.

Dinner: salad at super club, chick peas with salsa, raw revolution bar
Snack: celery with cashew butter, pumpkin seeds, salsa.
PAGG as prescribed. 1 gallon water. Only 1 cold shower.

Day 20 - Friday

Still in the 183s....but I FEEL like I'm losing body fat. I look different, too.
PAGG as prescribed. All meals had protein, legumes, and veggies. Had a raw revolution bar, too.

Day 21 - Saturday:

Didn't Georgetown. All meals had protein, legumes, veggies. Had a raw revolution bar. PAGG as prescribed.
Sorry for the brevity, I had written out a longer post at the end but blogger screwed it up, and I don't feel like writing it all out again.


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